Since the late 1990’s French Heritage and its associates have been restoring magnificent Manoir’s and Chateaux in France and Italy dating from the 14th to the 18th Centuries.

Our small dedicated team, including Architects and historians, have ensured that these outstanding and often centuries old castles and estates have been sympathetically restored and then beautifully furnished by our interior designers. These superb properties are now owned and enjoyed by small groups of discerning individuals, made possible by Heritage Associates unique Part Ownership scheme.

When first constructed the medieval craftsmen who built these wonderful houses used stone, oak and liberal amounts of time. When French Heritage restored these wonderful historic homes we also used the same materials and perhaps the most important ingredient – we also took the time.

Once completed our interior designers fully furnished each property and the other pages on this site will show the extent of the flair and charm that provide the ‘warmth’ that epitomises French Heritage interiors.

Our ongoing values are of restoring sympathetically and providing only the highest quality material and furnishings to ensure that these quite magical properties are returned to their former elegance and become ‘living’ vibrant houses once again that can be enjoyed by many future generations.